Women in Solodarity

Women in Solodarity is All Terrain Theater’s annual showcase of solo performances by women. The showcase was developed in 2012 as an attempt to challenge the lack of representation of female voices and characters in theatrical productions. Women in Solodarity provides Bay Area women with the opportunity to experiment with solo storytelling, monologues, and solo performances featuring multiple characters all played by the same actor. The Women in Solodarity showcase also serves All Terrain Theater’s primary entry point for female directors who are new to directing or who are returning to directing after taking a hiatus.

Women in Solodarity is produced annually in the spring in association with the International Home Theater Festival at The Downward Dog in Central Berkeley.

2015: Waking Up

This year’s Women in Solodarity showcase is directed by Chelsey Little and produced by Maria Fe Picar.

Friday, June 12th @ 8 pm
Saturday, June 13th @ 7 pm
Monday, June 15th @ 8 pm
Friday, June 19th @ 8 pm
Saturday, June 20th @ 1 pm
Sunday, June 28th @ 5 pm

Tickets are available online.

2014: Digital Love

Directed by Siobhan Marie Doherty and produced by Chelsey Little.

“Google and the Girl” by Elizabeth Flanagan, performed by Melissa Keith
“What Google Thinks is Possible” by Megan Cohen, performed by Miyoko Sakatani
“Friend Request” by Chris Quintos, performed by Jamie Lee Currier
“KarateGirl99″ by Victoria Chong Der, performed by Jamie Lee Currier
“My Little Big Brother” written and performed by Sophia Naylor
“rePATRIATion” written and performed by Allene Hebert
“Technical Difficulties” by Chelsey Little, performed by Melissa Keith

Stage Management by Mari Amend

All performances are at the Downward Dog, a private residence in Central Berkeley (please note that there are pets on the premises for guests who have severe allergies). Our 2014 performance dates are:

Friday, May 9 @ 8pm
Saturday, May 10 @ 8pm
Tuesday, May 13 @ 8pm
Friday, May 16 @ 8pm
Saturday, May 17 @ 8pm
Sunday, May 18 @ 3pm

Buy Tickets for “Digital Love” Now!

2013: Cat Ladies

Our second Women in Solodarity showcase was themed “Cat Ladies” in response to a friend’s joke about how fun it would be to let the cats who reside at The Downward Dog, a private home turned performance space, sit on the audience’s laps. We did not do this in 2012, because our director was allergic to cats, but in 2013, we allowed cats to roam through the performance space during half of the performances.

Join us on Mon, June 10 and Tue, June 11 for two encore performances of “Cat Ladies!” Tickets are now on sale.

Pussy: Teaser Edition
Written & Performed by Maura Halloran

Cat Nanny 911
Written & Performed by Theresa Donahoe

Kitty’s Prescription
Written by Patricia Milton, Performed by Martha Rynberg

The Metamorphosis
Written by Carol Lashof, Performed by Heather Kellogg

It’s Not You, It’s Me
Written by Rachel Bublitz, Performed by Ramya Vijayan

Ramya with Cat

Ramya Vijayan

Missing: A Cat Play
Written by Susan Sobeloff, Performed by Colleen Egan

The Librarian Who Was Allergic to Cats
Written by Tracy Held Potter, Performed by Colleen Egan

Cat Ladies returns for a special performance on Tuesday, June 11th! Tickets will go on sale towards the end of May.
2012: It’s a Woman’s World

Our first Women in Solodarity showcase was themed “It’s a Woman’s World” and was directed by Dalia Haire. This production featured four stories and solo performances:

Befriendly Shirley, or The Voice in my Head is a B*tch!
Written and performed by Lisa-Marie Newton

Grandma Affie Story
Written and performed by Claressa Darden Morrow

Overzealously Zen: The Beginning of the Frantic First Trimester
Written by Tracy Held Potter, Performed by Joy Lian

The Hair Princess
Written and performed by Sally Holzman

Photo of Patricia and Tic Tac

Patricia Milton with Tic Tac








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