July/August 2015
Six Monsters: A Seven-Monster Play
Written by: Savannah Reich
Directed by: Sydney Painter
Performed by: Nitika Nagdar, Amy Nowak, Brittany Sims, Laura Peterson, Elgin Jackson, and Jasmine Williams

Featuring: Testing, a short play by Colin Johnson & Tracy Held Potter

Women in Solodarity: Waking Up
Written by: Mari Amend, Melissa Keith, Chelsey Little, Jennifer Roberts
Directed by: Chelsey Little

MAY 2014
Women in Solodarity: Digital Love
Written and/or Performed by: Megan Cohen, Jamie Lee Currier, Victoria Chong Der, Elizabeth Flanagan, Allene Hebert, Melissa Keith, Chelsey Little, Sophia Naylor, and Chris Quintos
Directed by: Siobhan Marie Doherty

Women in Solodarity: Cat Ladies
Written and/or Performed by: Theresa Donahoe, Maura Halloran, Susan Sobeloff, Patricia Milton, Ramya Vijayan, Colleen Egan, Heather Kellogg, Martha Rynberg, Rachel Bublitz, and Tracy Held Potter
Directed by Rachel Bublitz

The Fantasy Club by Rachel Bublitz
Directed by Tracy Held Potter
Performed by Siobhan Marie Doherty, Tavis Kammet, Claire Rice, Rob Dario

Babies, the Ultimate Birth Control: Terrifyingly Hilarious Plays about Parenting by Tracy Held Potter and Rachel Bublitz
Directed by Elena Wright
Performed by Alysha English, Matt Gunnison, Heather Kellogg, Anna Smith
SF Fringe Festival
WINNER: “Sold Out” and “Best of Fringe” awards!


Women in Solodarity: It’s a Woman’s World by Sally Holzman, Claressa Darden Morrow, Lisa-Marie Newton, Tracy Held Potter
Directed by Dalia Haire

It’s All in the Mix by Barbara Jwanouskos
Directed by Brady Brophy-Hilton


Tuning Point: The Musical! by Yael Aranoff, Antonette Bracks, Caitlin Evenson, Dalia Haire, Dee Dee Hilgesen, Tommy Nguyen, Tracy Held Potter, Rossana Schneider, Pablo Vadillo, Crystle-Day Villanueva

Directed by Tracy Held Potter


Reality Checkout written and directed by Tracy Held Potter

The Spin Cycle written by Tracy Held Potter
Directed by Christine Jamlig

The Magician and the Psychic by George Pfirmann
Directed by Tracy Held Potter

The Morning After by Tracy Held Potter
Directed by Rachel Ida Erikson

The Dirty Laundry Showcase by Tracy Held Potter and George Pfirmann

Directed by Tracy Held Potter

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