Maria Fe Picar

Maria Fe Picar (Producer/Actor/Choreographer) is a native San Franciscan who has been dancing and choreographing for the past twenty years and co-founded the film company Asian Mainstream Productions with Kim Bowman. Her company has won awards in the East Bay Express “Generica” film challenge and the “48 Hour Film Festival,” completing over thirteen shorts in five years, two music videos, a commercial, and a documentary. She began acting five years ago as the result of taking Voice-Over classes at Voice-One. Her credits include commercials for The Filipino Channel (TFC) that includes Magnolia Ice-Cream, Pure Calamansi, and Orientex Lumpia. She has also just finished a major role in the musical “Almond Eyes” based on the life of Dorothy Toy a performer from The Forbidden City night club in San Francisco. Other credits include ensemble work for The San Francisco Theater Festival, The San Francisco Fringe Festival and Brava Theater as well as numerous short films for local Bay Area film contests including East Bay Express, Berkeley Community Media Festival, The 48 Hour Film Festival, Roots Division, Three Minute Film Festival and the Asian Film Lab Shoot-Out. She was a choreographer and actor for All Terrain Theater’s “Tuning Point: The Musical!” She holds a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from San Francisco State University in Physical Education with a dance emphasis and has owned her own dance school Ingleside Creative Arts and After School Program, The Arts Connection both based in the OMI (Oceanview, Merced, and Ingleside) district of San Francisco.

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