Chelsey Little

Chelsey Little (Stage Manager) is a native of Austin, TX, and she smirks rather than smiles just like her mother. She is one of five children in the Little Clan and bears the cross of being the only redheaded daughter. After graduating with honors from Stanford University with a degree in English Literature and a concentration in Shakespeare, Chelsey moved to “the City” where she has been living and working since, dipping her toes into the vibrant theatre scene. She’s worked with theatre companies worldwide, from ZACH Theatre in her hometown to FESTA Theatre in Florence, the Corpus Christi Owlets in Oxford, Dragon Productions in Palo Alto, and the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco. While she’s an actress at heart, she is interested in every aspect of theatre and has experience in theatre education and administration. She also writes from time to time, and is an integral part of everything that Rachel and Tracy work on.

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