Thanks for Helping Us Exceed Our Kickstarter Goal!

Thanks so much to the 69 backers (was this on purpose?) who helped us reach and exceed our Kickstarter goal for Suddenly Split & Swiping Over! Thanks to your support, we can now tour this show all the way to the San Francisco Bay Area in July!

Our multi-character, one-woman show follows Kelly who has been waiting forever for her long-term boyfriend to just propose already but finds herself unexpectedly single and unprepared to begin dating in the digital age.

Join us for the premiere of this fun and heartfelt show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival from June 9-26 (preview June 4).

We’ll then tour to The EXIT Theatre in San Francisco on Friday, July 8 and Saturday, July 9, and then hop over to Berkeley at The Downward Dog for performances on Sunday, July 10 and Monday, July 11.

Follow us on twitter at @allterraintheat, @suddenlysplit, @tracyheldpotter, @walkingdeadpan, @sue_kate and #hff16, #swipeover.

Join us on Facebook at AllTerrainTheater.

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