Tickets on Sale for Six Monsters: A Seven-Monster Play

A woman in a poorly-made skeleton costume introduces the audience to a variety of monsters, but can she keep her promise that the majority of us will survive?

Join us for the World Premiere of award-winning writer Savannah Reich’s “Six Monsters: A Seven-Monster Play,” directed by Sydney Painter. “Six Monsters” is a funny and gripping look at intimacy and how truly terrifying it can be. This production includes a bonus performance of the short play “Texting” by Colin Johnson and Tracy Held Potter, directed by Charles Lewis III.

This is All Terrain Theater’s fifth season of producing new work in the San Francisco Bay Area, with “Six Monsters” being its tenth mainstage production. Past productions have included the annual Women in Solodarity solo performance series, “The Fantasy Club” by Rachel Bublitz, “It’s All in the Mix” by Barbara Jwanouskos, “Babies, the Ultimate Birth Control: Terrifyingly Hilarious Plays About Parenting” by Tracy Held Potter and Rachel Bublitz, and All Terrain Theater’s own original musical “Tuning Point: the Musical!”

Purchase tickets for Six Monsters: A Seven-Monster Play

Performed by:
Laura Peterson
Nitika Nagdar
Brittany Sims
Elgin Jackson
Jasmine Williams
Amy Nowak

Stage Management by:
Arashi Veronica Cesana

Props and Costumes by:
Brian Quakenbush

Sound Design by:
Phil Surtees

Lighting Design by:
Mitchell Jakubka

Postcard Design by:
Rob Dario

Produced by:
Tracy Held Potter
Maria Fe Picar

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