Monthly Archives: June 2013

We Made Our Kickstarter Goal!

Thank you to the 90 Kickstarter backers and other donors who helped us exceed our Kickstarter goal for The Fantasy Club by Rachel Bublitz! Because of you, we’re able to pay all of our actors, our rehearsal and performance spaces, and insurance.

Ticket sales are available starting Monday, July 1st. Visit our Tickets page to reserve your seats at the beautiful Alcove Theater near Union Square in San Francisco.

Kickstarter Fun Continues: Let’s Get $4K by June 20th!

We’ve just posted some fun new videos to promote our Kicktarter campaign for The Fantasy Club by Rachel Bublitz.

We need to raise at least $4,000 by Friday, June 28th to put up our show, but if we raise a few extra thousand dollars–no problem, right?–then we can fund some of our other exciting projects.

Help us get to $4,000 by FRIDAY, JUNE 20th
and we’ll invite our backers to Vote for Fantasy Costumes for our female lead actors to wear in this production of The Fantasy Club. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Just spread the word about our Kickstarter campaign and make your pledge right now. We only get funded if we meet our minimum goal, so your support is critical. Thank you!

Fund our Kickstarter Project for The Fantasy Club!

All Terrain Theater is excited to launch our major fundraising campaign for this year for Rachel Bublitz’s world premiere of “The Fantasy Club.” This is her first full-length play and it’s a hilarious romp through the mind of a stay-at-home-mom who fantasies about a former high school crush and the shenanigans that ensue when he comes back into her life.

We need to raise $4,000 in just over two weeks, so please visit our Kickstarter Campaign and make a pledge by midnight on Friday, June 28th. You’ll love the rewards as much as the video!